Pharmacology at AMU

History of education in pharmacology in Azerbaijan begins with the year of 1938. Our Department of Pharmacology trains highly qualified pharmaceutist with Bachelor’s and Master’s degree to work in health, including pharmacology field. Our department teaches the student basis of pharmacology – search of sources of medicines, methods of controlling the quality of medicines and preparation of different medicines. Students obtain knowledge and skills in implementation of modern methods of chemical analyses and purchase of new medicines. Students also get detailed information on possible impact of the medicine on organism, as well as to study the quality of medicine.

Nowadays there are more than 6500 highly educated pharmaceutist with Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Azerbaijan. Almost all of them are graduates of AMU’s Department of Pharmacology. 11 persons has recently defended thesis for Doctor’s degree and 44 persons PHD in pharmacology in the specialty chairs of the department.

Several Doctors of Chemical and Biological Sciences working in Azerbaijan National Academy of Science are graduates of the Department of Pharmacology of the Azerbaijan Medical University. Nowadays the most active graduates of the department continue their education in Master’s level in the specialties such as pharmacological technology, pharmacologic chemistry, toxicological chemistry and pharmacogonosia.

Term of Master’s level education in the Department of Pharmacology is 2 years. Today more than 350 local and foreign student study in the department getting their Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Azerbaijani, Russian and English languages.

There are 8 chairs in the department: Chair of Economy and Organization of Pharmacological Technology; Chair of Pharmacogonosia and Botany; Chair of Pharmacology; Chair of Pharmacological Chemistry; Chair of Biophysics and Bioorganic Chemistry; Chair of General and Toxicological Chemistry; Chair of Social Sciences; Chair of the Latin language.

Entry Requirements

High School Diploma with Passes in Chemistry, Biology, Physics plus an Intermediate level of English equivalent to, IELTS 5.5 (TOEFL 550); or with a TRC International University Foundation Programme Pass grade.

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