Dean’s office on affairs with foreign students

Dean’s office on affairs with foreign students

Every year hundreds of students from all over the world apply to the Azerbaijan Medical University (AMU).

The most skilled and experienced teachers of the university teach different practical and theoretical subjects in the preparatory courses. At the same time, students obtain detailed information on university within year and help them.

Lessons are the taught also in  English.

Students are provided with new lessons in foreign languages and they use the medical library and internet network of the university.

In AMU are studying 1171 students from 19 countries: Turkey, Russia, USA, İran, Syria, Jordan, Pakistan, Sudan, Sweden, Yemen, Israel, Iraq, Oman, Nigeria, Philippines, Finland, Palestine.

Prospective foreign students with a certified secondary school education certificate (minimum 11 years of education), can choose any faculty from the following,

  1. Faculty of General Medicine -6 years
  2. Faculty of Stomatology (Dentistry) – 5 years
  3. Faculty of Pharmaceutics – 4 years
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